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a man with long hair is looking at the camera and has red lines on his face
Jeff Buckley
#jeffbuckley #pintrest #memesdaily #cutiepatootie #cutiepie #handsomeman
Get Gone Fiona Apple, Fiona Apple, Music Recommendations, Kill Bill, Blogger Girl
Whisper 🕊️
the other woman studio website with text that reads tbh i love this one more than lana's version
I love Lana sm but this one makes me float
a woman laying in bed while holding up an mp3 player to her face with the caption kiss me, oh pleasure pleases perre
fave lyric
an image of a man holding a microphone in front of a screen with the caption's description
a woman holding up a book in front of her face and covering her mouth with one hand
a drawing of a man looking at his reflection in a mirror with the caption, my child is completely fine the child
jeff buckley - grace
a man in white shirt standing next to a wall with an image of himself on it
jeff buckley is the only man