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غم عشق
a man wearing sunglasses and a tie leaning on a rail near the water with buildings in the background
an old paper with roses and leaves on the edges is in front of a white background
Playground - Light-Beige Realistic scrapbook paper
ramadan kareem
a blue and white vase filled with lots of colorful tulips next to a window
Bouquet of flowers in a Delft blue vase
Bouquet of flowers in a Delft blue vase - AI creation
a metallic background with gold trimmings and a golden frame on the bottom corner
a close up of a person wearing a white shirt and smiling at the camera with words above her
a woman sitting on top of a couch wearing a red shirt and holding a necklace
a woman in a green dress sitting next to a man
a white bird with a rose in its beak
a pink rose with water droplets on it