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Cool light!  You mix yarn and glue together. blow up a balloon and rub it in vaseline. arrange the string around the balloon, let drip dry. pop the balloon and you have a globe! you can put a light inside- I am going to use water balloons and make them small and attach them to a strand of lights! soo cute!

DIY Lighting Ideas for Teen and Kids Rooms - Whirl It Lampshade - Fun DIY Lights like Lamps, Pendants, Chandeliers and Hanging Fixtures for the Bedroom plus cool ideas With String Lights. Perfect for Girls and Boys Rooms, Teenagers and Dorm Room Decor

DIY Yarn Balloon Decorative. 1. Blow up Several Balloons 2. Run choice yarn through watered down Elmer's glue and begin wrapping around the balloon 3. Allow to dry completely, and then deflate balloon carefully 4. Hang from ceiling with ribbon or string.

Yarn balloon spheres: Cut strands of yarn, blow up balloon. Mix equal parts craft glue & water. Dip yarn in glue, wrap around balloon. Hang balloon with clothesline & clothespin. Once dry pop balloon and remove. Modge-podge could work too.

Bright Ideas: 41 Bold, Beautiful   Bizarre Recycled Lamps

Used plasticware, old plastic drinks bottles, and even an old martini shaker are turned into entirely new products that just happen to be made from “old” components.

light design !!

A lamp made out of doilies! Take a bunch of doilies and sort of papier-mache them to a large balloon. Pop the balloon, run a light through the doily-ball, and BAM. The effect is beautiful.