While on a trip, I'll send myself a postcard every day from where ever I may be and write on it what I did that day. Once home, I'll bind them for an *instant scrapbook* of my trip. Complete with photos, stamps, and a run-down of each days events! ;)

on a trip send yourself a post card indicating what you did every day.when home bind together scrapbook of your trip: complete with photos, stamps, and a run-down of each days events. LOVE this idea!

Visit the Sears Tower in #Chicago #USA and do this!

Chicago on the Ledge. Skydeck at Willis Tower aka "Sears Tower" - Bucket List Check!

Swim with dolphins

Dolphins on top of a blue ocean wave curl, Photo Credit: US Pacific Fleet

See the aurora borealis from the #ISS (International Space Station)

An aurora borealis seen from the International Space Station

the-wolf-and-moon: Aurora as Seen From the ISS Astronomy NASA Night Sky Stars Space Science Universe Cosmos Cosmic Solar System Constellations Earth ISS International Space Station Aurora Northern Lights Nebula Galaxy Planet Rainbow Bright

Get one of these: aquarium coffee table

The Aquarium Coffee Table - Hammacher Schlemmer. If you actually used it as a coffee table that would be cruel to the fish.

Visit #SanFrancisco in USA

The San Francisco cable car system is the world's last manually operated cable car system. An icon of San Francisco, the cable car system forms part of the intermodal urban transport network operated by the San Francisco Municipal Railway.

Fly in a big air balloon...

Hot Air Balloon Ride are the most fun things in the world.When was the last time you got on a BALLOON filled with HOT AIR and looked down on the earth? Try it once in your life! It's FUN!