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printed textiles Designer Bradley Rothenberg debuts a series of printed textiles in collaboration with designers Katie Gallagher and Katya Leonovich

TrendWatch : 3D Printed Fashion Collection

Hard Copy fashion collection by Noa Raviv Israeli fashion designer Noa Raviv has integrated elements into ruffled garments influenced by distorted digital drawings.

TrendWatch : 3D Printed Fashion Collection

FASHION: Printed Fashion Collection by Noa Raviv Designer Noa Raviv uses classical art and its evolution as the point of departure for her printed collection ‘Hard Copy’.

Architectural Fashion with complex 3D construction - sculptural dress; wearable art

impotencia incierta ------------------------------------------------------------Architectural Fashion with complex construction - sculptural dress;

Nervous System 3-D printed necklace.Join the 3D Printing Conversation: http://www.fuelyourproductdesign.com/

Nervous System Jewelry

The Lotus top is a graceful form that embraces the upper body, accentuating the shoulders and clavicles. Its name comes from its unique design that blooms at the center opening, allowing the wearer to put her head through and rest it comfortably on the neck and shoulders.

Lotus Top

Gorgeous neck decoration printed on a printer by Shapeways! Lotus Top by ThreeForm

Sonja Baumel. Baumel says of her work "I explore the boundaries between fashion design, art and science, to create multidisciplinary works...

What Katie Did: Fashion, Art and Science. Merging fashion with science, Baumel has decided to create a visual reminder of the bacteria that our bodies are covered in.

3ders.org - Victoria's Secret adds 3D printing and Swarovski to runway show | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News

Victoria's Secret Angel Lindsay Ellingson portrays a snow Queen for the 2013 VS fashion show

3D printed veil.Join the 3D Printing Conversation: http://www.fuelyourproductdesign.com/

Printed Headpieces - These Hats Designed by Elvis Pompilio Are Printed and Overtly Ornate

Floraform jewelry collection by nervous system

Floraform: Blooming Jewelry Inspired by Science and Nature

Science, technology, and nature have been blended together to create Floraform, a printed jewelry collection from nervous system.

The Most Gorgeous 3D Printed Clothing Ever from Noa Raviv

Awesome concept for future runways. Just worried about how you would clean them and last over time - Sana These are images of printed fashion.

World's first 3D printed dress by Michael Schmid - model Dita von Teese https://www.upwork.com/users/~010e1960ed8ee6c431

Dita Von Teese models first 3D printed dress

Electroloom - The World's First 3D Fabric Printer by Electroloom — Kickstarter

Electroloom is raising funds for Electroloom - The World's First Fabric Printer on Kickstarter! Design and create seamless, ready-to-wear garments based on custom geometries. No sewing required.

TrendWatch : 3D Printed Fashion Collection

A recent graduate of the Shenkar College of Design, emerging Israeli fashion designer Noa Raviv has already made waves with the debut of her fashion collection “Hard Copy” — a project t…