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I just released Mini Episode 6! My series of mini-episodes are packed with valuable tips, so be sure to download Mini-Episode 6 today and tune in Sundays at 7AM for a new mini-episode!
Art Marketing | Jessica Craddock
I just released Mini Episode 7 of my Intuitive Art Sales Podcast. My series of mini-episodes are packed with artist coaching insights and valuable tips, so be sure to download Mini-Episode 7 today and tune in Sundays at 7AM for a new mini-episode!
the words sell more art online with any number of followers, high touch connections, and regularly raising prices
Selling art online for beginners
If you are feeling burnt out when it comes to running your art business it may be time to take a new approach. Click to read more about my favorite method when it comes to selling your own art. Let's find the right balance for your business.
the four best ways to get your art noticed
The 4 Best Ways to Get Your Art Noticed
Are you using visibility activities to bring in new ideal art buyers and build your art business? This post breaks down how this works and the best strategies to get your art noticed. If you are an entrepreneur artist growing your art business this is a must read.
an easy assignment for you to live your best life by the artist market, inc
Sell more art by following up in the right way
If the traditional sales advice to keep following up and never give up feels yucky, check out my post with 6 ways to follow up in the RIGHT WAY to sell more art.
Art Business Website
Think you need a website to put your art out there? Websites are a nice tool to have, but they won’t sell your work for you. If you want to learn what the best use of your time to help you make sales faster is, join me inside Consistent Income. I’ll help you weed out the procrastination work and get the ball rolling on your art business now.
Artist Success Interview Series | Jessica Craddock
Episode 1 of my new Artist Success Interview Series is HERE! Carrie Roseman’s specialty is in-person, high-touch sales. At the time of this interview, her average portrait sale was $6,000! You don’t want to miss Carrie’s interview as she shares how she nets 50K+ months. Find us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google and Stitcher.#theartistmarketco #podcastsforartists #artpreneurs #artbusiness #makeartthatsells #howtosellart #womenwhopaint #femaleartists
the quote if you want to be more successful, art business, have an adventure
Adventure for art inspiration
When your life looks the same everyday, it’s almost impossible to create results you haven’t yet been able to achieve.⁣...
the quote life is about using the whole box of crayons on watercolor paint
Artist Business Consultant
Every new experience you have adds to your box of colors. Pull from these experiences to make your artwork. The more colors you collect, the more meaning each piece will reflect.
a poster with the words collaboration on it, and an image of colorful paint strokes
Get your art seen, even if you’re tired of social media
Are you building an art business but tired of social media? Check out this post to learn how to build your audience and get your art seen faster through collaborations.
STRATEGY WITH FREEDOM | Art Business Marketing
Is the idea of having a structured strategy a turnoff for you? Do you feel like it boxes you in? Lissa Watson finds the recommendations for posting on social media too rigid for her creative mind. She is looking for STRATEGY WITH FREEDOM! Lissa wants to have a strategy laid out but with the flexibility to change the plan it she doesn’t have the energy to follow it. She noticed that if the energy isn't there, it's not going to happen. Listen to Episode 58 of Intuitive Art Sales to find out more.
Creating with a cause | Intuitive Art Sales Podcast
Do you create art with a cause? This week’s guest, Joann Renner, is an expressionist painter who creates with a message in mind. She is passionate about the benefits of getting outside and preserving nature. She sees her art inspiring people to pay more attention to nature around them, even the small spaces, and the benefits it can bring to their lives. Listen to Episode 59 on your favorite podcast player to find out more about Joann’s journey as an artist.
Jessica Craddock | Art Business Marketing
Struggling to find the “problem” your art solves? You’re not alone, and honestly, it’s not necessary. While your art might decorate a space or become a thoughtful gift, there’s something deeper at play. It’s not just about having a need; it’s about connection. Shift your focus. Instead of solving problems, delve into how your story evokes feelings in others. Click to learn how to start! #ArtConnects #FindYourVoice #ArtBeyondProblems
Jessica Craddock | Sell More Art
As a child LaDara McKinnon helped her mother with charitable events and assisted other military families, and as a result, she is driven to help others. Philanthropy work is important to her, as is teaching and mentoring other artists. LaDara is going through an exploration phase with her art, trying to arrive at the next steps for her business. She knows one thing for certain, though, which is that her passion and purpose is to be a positive example in the lives of other people.
Growing your art business online | Intuitive Art Sales
Alexandra is a contemporary western artist. As the mother of a toddler and another little one on the way, Alexandra no longer has time to sell at multiple trade shows, art fairs and ranch rodeos. She needs a more flexible and reliable way to generate an income that doesn't take time away from her family. She’s ready to find a better business plan, possibly by expanding online. I teach Alexandra to make genuine connections online and determine a clear focus for her art career.