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the text reads grow your art business, and it is written in black on a yellow background
Grow your art business using tools already in your tool belt
There are skills you already have that will help you grow your art business and take it to the next level. Click to read more about what these skills are and how you can use them to sell more art.
an advertisement for the artist market with text overlaying it that reads get more traffic to your artist website so you can sell your art online
Four Ways to Get Traffic to your Artist Website
Getting your art seen online isn't just a waiting game - you have to actively participate in going out and finding people who might be interested in your art. Get them to your artist website with these four methods. #sellart #artbusiness #artmarketing #sellartonline #artwebsite #artistwebsite #artportfolio
three steps to an art project with text overlaying the title, 3 steps involved artists can feel comfortable on video
How to Do Video Marketing for Introverted Artists
Create a thriving online art business! Like it or not, Video marketing is the way of the future. I used to be TERRIFIED of getting on camera but I overcame it organically using these three steps. Use them to sell your art online one-on-one, or make videos for social media! #sellart #artbusiness #artmarketing #sellartonline #artwebsite #artistwebsite
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Artist’s Marketing Basics Bundle
Learning how to market your art business online? Let me walk you through how to start getting sales from your artist website with strategies that really work. You'll learn to set up your artist newsletter, artist website, and artist instagram the best way possible. Get a free trial today! #sellart #artbusiness #artmarketing #sellartonline #artwebsite #artistwebsite #artportfolio
the artist's guide to learn how to use your website for art and design
Four Ways to Get Traffic to your Artist Website
Getting visitors to your art website is something we obviously all need more help with. The more you can get your art seen, the more art you can sell online. Use these four methods to get more eyes on your art. #sellart #artbusiness #artmarketing #sellartonline #artwebsite #artistwebsite #artportfolio
the cover of my art isn't selling online
My art isn’t selling online: a troubleshooting guide
I wish I could evaporate into thousands of tiny atoms so I could time travel to when you first decided you wanted to sell art online. That way, I could tell you all the steps you'd miss so you could get off to a running start. Many people have tried and quit already. But you're still here. You've got the determination, and that's a massive part of the battle. So we don't need to talk about that. What we DO need to talk about are the things you don't know yet. #artist #market
a green background with the words artists fill up your monthy content calendar with only 4 ideas
Visual artists learn to sell art
If you want to sell art online, you'll have to find a way to increase traffic to your artist website. One way to do this is through content marketing, but it can take up so much time! Learn to make smarter social media posts so you can spend less time on your art business and art marketing, and more time creating art. #sellart #sellartonline #artmarketing #artbusiness #contentmarketing #websitetraffic #websitevisitors
the quote pro tip it takes an average of five interactions before someone will buy you
Artist Business Consultant
If you have visitor to your website who likes a piece, but doesn't decide to buy, you've lost them unless you captured their email address. If you have their email address you could send them a discount, tell them the story of why you became an artist, s
the words lessons from working in an artist's gallery
Sell Art Consultant
First someone decides they like the art. Then...>> 1. They fall in love with the artist’s personality or voice. >> 2. They decide to learn more about the artist, usually through talking to them or joining their mailing list >> 3. The artist builds a relationship with them >> 4. They buy >> 5. If the relationship continues building, they become repeat collectors.
Make genuine connections online to grow your art business
Alexandra is a contemporary western artist. As the mother of a toddler and another little one on the way, Alexandra no longer has time to sell at multiple trade shows, art fairs and ranch rodeos. She needs a more flexible and reliable way to generate an income that doesn't take time away from her family. She’s ready to find a better business plan, possibly by expanding online. I teach Alexandra to make genuine connections online and determine a clear focus for her art career.
an advertisement for the artist market to promote their art and craft business on social media
Four Ways to Get Traffic to your Artist Website
You need traffic to your art website if you want to sell art online - and lots of it. Don't be the artist who sits back and waits for people to find your art portfolio. #sellart #artbusiness #artmarketing #sellartonline #artwebsite #artistwebsite #artportfolio
the words 5 effective social posts for artists are in front of a watercolor background
5 Done for You Social Media Posts
Save time on social media marketing using these 5 templates for Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook! Artists who want to sell art online can save time marketing their art by getting this free download.
Don’t reinvent the wheel every time you create content
One of the best tips I can share is to repurpose your long-form content. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you create content. Using what’s already been created saves time and your sanity! Listen to Episode 69 of Intuitive Art Sales to hear more of the advice I give SaraMarie about creating content.
an advertisement with the words artists how to get over your fear of videos and why it will improve your quality of life and how to get
How to Do Video Marketing for Introverted Artists
Looking for ideas to market your art online? Video marketing is one of the most effective, and doesn't have to be scary! Here's some tips to sell your drawings or paintings in your own online business. #sellart #sellartonline #artistwebsite #artbusiness #artmarketing #artwebsite
Transitioning to being a full time artist
Laurie transitioned into the career of full time artist after 30 years in the corporate world, the last thing she wants is to recreate the stress from her previous job. She’s proud of all the firsts she’s accomplished in the past year, and she’s trying to figure out what her next steps should be. Download Episode 67 today to hear the choices Laurie is facing and how I help her narrow down her current focus based on her immediate goals.