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the artist's guide to learn how to use art
Improve your confidence so you can sell art
I’ll start with the most popular way to get website visitors for artists - Social Media! You use it regularly. You obsess over it. You spend way too much time on it. But it’s still not getting you the amount of traffic you want. There are thousands of courses dedicated to the subject - and there’s no way I could cover all their small picture tweaks in this email.
an abstract painting with the words get art website visitors using this pinterest strategy
Sell Art Consultant
⠀Here's my 'stripped down to the basics, get traffic to your art website' Pinterest strategy for your stealing pleasure:⠀.⠀1. Post a piece of art on your website⠀.⠀This may sound simple, but to do you any good, the art has to be on your website. You need a URL (website link) attached to your pin to guide people back to your website when they click on it. ⠀Photo by Sell Art Consultant 🌿 Jessica on August 07, 2018. #Regram via @artistmarketco
a pink poster with the words, when should i put money into my online art business? so you can sell your art online?
When should I put money into my online art business?
In this video, you'll learn:If you should be spending money on your businessWhich of four categories of people you fall in and the advice I have for youFive questions to ask yourself when you are deciding whether something is worth spending your money on
an advertisement with the words marketing strategy that work so you can sell your art online want a free trial?
Artist’s Marketing Basics Bundle
Are you starting an art business online? Not sure what pieces you need to focus on? Let me walk you step by step through setting up your artist newsletter, artist website, and artist instagram. Get a free trial today! #sellart #artbusiness #artmarketing #sellartonline #artwebsite #artistwebsite #artportfolio
the front cover of an article about marketing for uncovered artists, with text overlaying it
The Artist Market Co.
How many times have you heard that you need to do Facebook lives, or Instagram stories, or be on YouTube? )I've come to find that using video as a tool in your arsenal can actually improve your quality of life, once you learn how. It can make your art business feel more real, more genuine, more connected, even in a world as abstract as the internet. #artist
a yellow square with the words marketing strategy for artists that aren't experts want a free trial?
Artist’s Marketing Basics Bundle
Trying to figure out how to sell art online? Let me walk you step by step through setting up the most important pieces: your artist newsletter, artist website, and artist instagram. Get a free trial today! #sellart #artbusiness #artmarketing #sellartonline #artwebsite #artistwebsite #artportfolio
the artist's guide to engaging social and ideal posts for your art buyer
social media marketing for artists
There are two main types of artists trying to market their art on Instagram... 1Good sharers who avoid asking for money in their captions. They’re scared, don’t want to be pushy, or secretly believe no one will pay.e of connecting with people. #artist #socialmedia #marketing
an advertisement for the artist market
How to Sell Art Online: The Big Basics
I want to make sure you have the big basics to selling art online nailed down. Knowing these will get you further than any single selling tactic out there. The information is organized more like Color Theory than Architectural Drawing 101. I will teach you the basic rules, then you can decide if you prefer to paint with split-complimentary or monochromatic color schemes.In fact, you can mix and match any marketing platform with these rules. #artist #creativebusiness
Make genuine connections online to grow your art business
Alexandra is a contemporary western artist. As the mother of a toddler and another little one on the way, Alexandra no longer has time to sell at multiple trade shows, art fairs and ranch rodeos. She needs a more flexible and reliable way to generate an income that doesn't take time away from her family. She’s ready to find a better business plan, possibly by expanding online. I teach Alexandra to make genuine connections online and determine a clear focus for her art career.
the artist's guide to steal this newsletter formula
Steal This: Newsletter for Creatives & Artists Formula
Are you wondering what to put in your art email newsletter? Want it to be interesting enough you don’t feel like you’re bugging people? Make it great by telling a story. Here’s how... so ypu can stop procrastinating, semd that email and sell art online. #sellart #artbusiness #artmarketing #sellartonline #artwebsite #artistwebsite #artportfolio #artnewsletter #artistnewsletter #sellartemail
the words do you know these 4 reason people buy art? on a pink background
4 Reasons People will Decide to Buy Your Art
There is an art to selling art online. If you want to market your art and make money at it, it all comes down to knowing your ideal customer/target audience/niche and connecting with them through your copywriting. #sellart #artbusiness #artmarketing #sellartonline #artwebsite #artistwebsite #artportfolio #sketchbook
an orange and yellow poster with the words artist 5 things you must have to sell art on your website
5 Easy Fixes to Get More Consistent Art Sales on Your Website
Click through to read 5 easy fixes for your artist website that will help you sell art online more consistently. Make sure your art business isn't struggling over something that is an easy fix. Your art website may just need a tip or two to get you back o
Transitioning to being a full time artist
Laurie transitioned into the career of full time artist after 30 years in the corporate world, the last thing she wants is to recreate the stress from her previous job. She’s proud of all the firsts she’s accomplished in the past year, and she’s trying to figure out what her next steps should be. Download Episode 67 today to hear the choices Laurie is facing and how I help her narrow down her current focus based on her immediate goals.
an advertisement with the words artists do i really need an ecommer site to sell art?
Do I really need an ecommerce store to sell art?
If you want to sell art online, an ecommerce artist website is really the only way to go if you want a successful art business. Read more about why this is my #1 website tip for almost every artist website and online art store. #sellart #artbusiness #artmarketing #sellartonline #artwebsite #artistwebsite #portfoliowebsite
an advertisement for the artist market with text overlaying it that reads get more traffic to your artist website so you can sell your art online
Four Ways to Get Traffic to your Artist Website
Getting your art seen online isn't just a waiting game - you have to actively participate in going out and finding people who might be interested in your art. Get them to your artist website with these four methods. #sellart #artbusiness #artmarketing #sellartonline #artwebsite #artistwebsite #artportfolio