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Delve deep into a behind the scenes of Artemest artisans at work, videos showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship and dedication that go into producing these…
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Artemest Art Gifts
This Holiday season, gift one-of-a-kind artworks by renowned contemporary Italian artists. Surprise your loved ones with our curated selection of paintings, sculptures, photography, and more exceptional art pieces that are unique expressions of significant artistic visions. Start gifting on
VéVé Glass
A look behind the scenes at @veveglass’s workshop, crafting unique Murano glass objects designed by Italian artisans. From sculptures to home accessories and lighting, each product stands out for its magnificent colors and unparalleled quality. Shop VéVé Glass on
Filadelfio Todaro
Sicilian ceramic tradition with @filadelfio_art, using the pottery wheel technique to craft one-of-a-kind vases. From a lump of clay to a finished piece, each spin of the wheel feels like time freezes for a second. Shop Filadelfio Todaro’s vases on
Del Savio 1910
“Marble is the key element of our production. We embrace its powerful design by using it to create unique surfaces and coverings.”—@DelSavio1910 Shop Del Savio 1910 on
Aina Kari
“Keep the home fires burning”—@ainakari_official Aina Kari’ stands on three fundamental pillars: Italian craftmanship, sustainability and bold material combination. Fluid lines are enhanced by vibrant Murano glass colors in contrast with the roughened and finished satin of the marble. Shop Aina Kari on
Blending contemporary inspiration and traditional craftsmanship with @incalmi, a Venetian-based company with historic roots in the art of glassmaking. Shop Incalmi on
Ceramiche Rometti
Experimenting new crafting techniques, behind the scenes with @ceramicherometti. Discover Rometti on
Fos Ceramiche
Mesmerizing crafts from our artisan @FosCeramiche⁣ ✨ ⁣ Discover Fos Ceramiche home décor on
The modern spirit of @Casarialto.official rooted in over a hundred years of Venetian expertise.⁣ ⁣ Shop Casarialto home décor on
ROU Materiaal
Crafting one-of-a-kind table sculptures with @ROUmateriaal, featuring contemporary shapes and textures using resins, acrylics, stucco, and cement.⁣ ⁣ Discover ROU Materiaal on
Pierfrancesco Solimene
Crafting one-of-a-kind ceramic pieces with Pierfrancesco Solimene (@Solimeneart)—bottles, bowls, and dishes that poetically evoke the simplicity of a lost time while bearing a contemporary essentiality that make them timeless.⁣ ⁣ Discover Artemest on
Di Luca Ceramics
Located in Urbino, in the heart of the suggestive Marche countryside, the atelier @diluca.ceramics merges Italian design influences and traditional ceramic techniques adapted to modern tastes. Shop Di Luca Ceramics on
Nuove Forme
Behind the scenes with our artisan @nuoveforme_firenze1 crafting the Embossed Vase. Inspired by ancient vases and original designs by Ceramiche Bagni, this splendid objet d'art is a ceramic vase masterfully handcrafted following traditional methods of the ceramic manufacturing tradition. Shop Nuove Forme on
Combining the experience of fine Italian craftsmanship with modern yet timeless design by @LuhdoAtelier. Shop Luhdo on
Duccio Di Segna
@DuccioDiSegna is a balanced mix of ability, experience, taste, and continuity of tradition. Master glassmakers apply the most diverse techniques for artisanal and semi-artisanal processing, combining them with the fundamental ingredient: true passion. Shop Duccio Di Segna on
Ovo - Idee e Manufatti
Capturing the perfect blend between art and design with @ovodesign_idee_manufatti—an artistic duo from Calabria driven by a creative, surrealistic-like approach that combines different crafts and disciplines. Shop Ovo - Idee e Manufatti on
Fos Ceramiche
The fascinating slow-motion carving of a porcelain vase by @FosCeramiche. Shop Fos Ceramiche on
Di Luca Ceramics
The fascinating Raku technique applied on the Bowl T by @diluca.ceramics. This unique piece is created by a press mould and then finished off on the wheel to give a nice and smooth touch. Shop Di Luca Ceramics on
Leonardo Dini
A symbol of freedom and peace, handpainted by @LeonardoDiniCeramics in an inspiring decoration of green doves on a light blue patterned backdrop. Shop Leonardo Dini on
Este Ceramiche
Admiring @esteceramiche at work… We would watch the talented artisans crafting these beauties all day long! Shop Este Ceramiche on
“Works on paper are made unique by designs, colors, and extraordinary materiality that makes them vivid and surprising.”—@Fabscarte Shop Fabscarte on
Fornace Mian
This is how a vase with murrine by @fornacemianmurano comes to life, balancing craftsmanship and technology, passion and tradition. Shop Fornace Mian on
Patience is among the dominant ingredients of @_tuttoattaccato_ handmade creations 🎨 Shop Tuttoattaccato on
Ars Murano
The fascinating beauty of Italian craftsmanship—behind the scenes the glass-making factory @ars_murano, known for reviving traditional methods and motifs, notably “aquarium” sculptures, and collaborating with international artists. Shop Ars Murano on
The ethereal Rose Scented hand painted wallpaper was born through a collaboration between @Fabscarte and New York-based designer @martynthompsonstudio. The background features a striking marbled surface that was achieved with the use of water-colour techniques. Sparks of pastel color illuminate the paper for a delicate final effect. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind. Shop Fabscarte on
“Details are the key to success for the creation of a real masterpiece”—@Badari_Firenze The production process of @Badari_Firenze is entrusted to hands that have been working metal with elegance and skill for decades, transforming obstacles into quality, hand chiseling those details that will make these object unique pieces. Shop Badari on
The handcrafted soul of @MultiformeLighting’s pieces is reinvented every time a new project starts. Their artisans design and produce custom chandeliers combining functionality and exquisite design. Shop Multiforme on
Simone Pedretti
Founded in 2020 by Simone Pedretti, @Pedretti_Home's debut collection reinterprets traditional features of the Trentino territory in a contemporary key. Shop Simone Pedretti on
Behind the scenes with @ceramicherometti and @jch.clair—creating eclectic and timeless artworks merging cultural symbolism, functionality, and design. Shop Rometti on
​Born from deep passion for art and technology, @Vaporettoglass brings the wonders of Murano glass to life. Shop Vaporetto on