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DIY Skin Scrub for Silky Soft Skin

Super Silky Summer Legs Next time you are feeling down, about to binge, going on a date, or just need to pamper yourself, do this. I just did it and I can not stop rubbing my legs together. It feels like I paid for that expensive pedicure at the salon.

Healthy Chocolate Frosting: 1/2 cup Chobani Low-Fat Greek Yogurt, ½ cup Chocolate Chips/Dark Choc. Use as a topping for your favourite baked treat and enjoy this delight without the extra calories!!

Worth a try: Healthy Chocolate Frosting: cup Chobani Low-Fat Greek Yogurt. Melt cup Semi-sweet chocolate chips in double boiler or microwave. Cool chocolate to room temperature. Fold in room temperature yogurt, cup at a time, till mixture is smooth.