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This is uber cute. I would put a bunch of flowers inside the light bulb, too though.

Changed some light bulbs yesterday and tried this! Didn't have napkin rings, so I set the bulbs on burnt down tea lights! Super cute and o, so simple!you need to break the bottom of the bulb very carefully or the whole thing will crack.

DIY Fix for Removing Sweat Stains from Clothing – DIY  Crafts

Simply cover the stained area with white vinegar rub it properly, then apply part water, part baking soda directly to the stain. Wait a few hours or overnight and wash your clothes as usual but add an extra cup of baking soda.

Simple and Cheap Homemade Method to Refinish Wooden Furniture – DIY  Crafts

DIY wood polish Simple and Cheap Homemade Method to Refinish Wooden Furniture Olive or Vegetable Oil – About ¾ cup White or Apple Cider Vinegar – About ¼ cup Just mix together and dip a rag into the mixture. Then, just wipe your furniture down with it.

I think this would be farily easy to make!  I'm gonna have to try yet another pin !! :)

Cherry Pie pops or apple pie pops. That way you aren't forced to eat a whole piece of cherry pie and pecan pie and pumpkin pie and whatever else is there for Christmas/Thanksgiving!