This makes my heart stop. Breathtaking. Would paint with the eyes as butterfly wings...

Random Inspiration 116

FIERCE--inspiration for tattoo. A tiger tattoo that I would want to have on my index finger.

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Barn owl

Chouette effraie (tyto Alba) Heart-Shaped Face Barn Owl, I have never seen barn owls with these colors! They are simply beautiful.

The Lion, Zimbabwe. Photograph: Chris Weston.

So close you can almost feel her breath: How wildlife photographer captured amazingly intimate portraits of pride of lions

Wildlife photographer Chris Weston snapped amazing pictures of a pride of lions in Zimbabwe by using a remote camera fixed to a tree which captured them in off-guard moments.


Tyto alba, or the Barn owl with wings up. These awesome birds are found on every continent.

Weird Deep sea creatures (a bit like Mars Attacks)

The Googly-Eyed Glass Squid lives in the deep ocean and are about 8 inches wide. They have the ability to intake water and make themselves seem bigger to predators.