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denim top, floral skirt Dear Stitch Fix Stylist: I love denim shirts. I think they are magnificent and go with many many things. I absolutely am in love with any and all floral patterns as long as they aren't busy. And the yellow flats are super cute!

No, really, I'm okay. It's just your last facebook post made me roll my eyes so hard that now I can't see.

Free and Funny Confession Ecard: I totally understand why some animals eat their young. Note to self. Eat my children.

Oh, you're one of those people is more worried about LOOKING like you have a great life instead of actually HAVING one. Good luck with that!

For those materialistic superficial peeps out there, who feel the need to announce what they drive, own, buy, how much crap they have ; Sorry but I can't stand materialistic people‼️