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The manul has long been hunted for its fur in relatively large numbers in China, Mongolia and Russia, although international trade in manul pelts has largely ceased since the late 1980s. There are approximately 1,000 hunters of Pallas's cats in Mongolia, with a mean estimated harvest of two cats per year. They are also shot because they can be mistaken for marmots, which are commonly hunted, and trapped incidentally in leghold traps set for wolves and foxes.  #sandiegozoo #coolcats

What cat?: The manul, an ancient breed of small cats, 12 million years old. They can't be domesticated and are classified as "near threatened". They live on the Asian Steppes. Check out the link for lots of photos! (Also called Pallas cat)

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Pallas’s cats, also known as manuls, are ridiculous creatures with amazing facial expressions. I love them so much. I don’t care that I’m extremely late to the party.

biomorphosis: “Also known as the manul, the Pallas’s cat are roughly the size of domestic cats but have long and dense fur that makes them appear stouter and heavier than they are.

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