Lungulescu Ariadna

Lungulescu Ariadna

Lungulescu Ariadna
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Jim Morrison - Fan-Album

Jim Morrison: Looking like he's just had a stressful car rental experience. We could totally relate.


Pittsburgh - November, Janis on stage with John Till in the back ground with the guitar.

Cher, 1970's. ☚ by kns610

Cher has always had outstanding style, next to her outstanding acting and singing. I believe she inspired a lot of people, even me. OBSESSED WITH HER!

Bell bottoms and halter tops. What could be better for summer? Why a few hippie beads from

Throughout the black community bell bottoms and halter tops became the new trend. They expressed themselves through the size of their hair. While people made fun of how their hair look, they embraced their style.