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Easy to make, transport and assemble on the day - paper backdrops are such a simple, impactful way to decorate!

concrete HRS stools made of recycled materials found at construction sites

the 'HRS stools' offer a way in which industrial waste could potentially be re-invisioned as something new and applicable for contemporary society and everyday use.

DIY kruk van beton. Would love to try working with concrete some day

DIY Concrete Stool via Remodelista -then maybe put one of those beautiful concrete stains on it?

This is gorgeous styled by @sweetpea_events  love the colour way with @sugarcoated_favors @prettypedestals @doms.strawberries.delight @jkcakedesigns @littleeventboutique

This is gorgeous styled by sweetpea_events love the colour way with sugarcoated_favors prettypedestals doms.

Modern dining room with round dining table, gray upholstered dining chairs and a modern globe light fixture.

The Designer Trick That's Going To Take Your Dining Room to the Next Level

We spotted two dining rooms with a sophisticated designer decorating trick that anyone can do in their home, no matter the style. And it's the kind of trick that's subtle and smart, but can have a powerful visual effect on the look and feel of your space.

23 Diy Concrete Projects: Use Concrete To Amazing Extents

23 Diy Concrete Projects: use concrete to amazing extents

DIY Concrete and lace table / Tisch aus Beton mit Häkelmuster / Taula de formigó amb puntes.

make cement water..make it like soup...then take the wash cloth or any kind of towel and keep dipping it in the water so it will stick to it then hold it up kind of shake it just little and hang over the shape you would like ..let dry for about 2 days then spray paint

make cement water.make it like soup.then take the wash cloth or any kind of…

Ой, полным полна наша коробочка красивыми фотозонами в этом году. Организатор…

I am loving this paper and balloon mix trend that is coming around. It proves balloons can be elegant when done correctly!