A lovely Tortoise Shell Lady - doesn't mind the camera as long as she can't see it.

'Through the golden road,' Shiga, Japan #autumn by Takahiro Bessho

'Through the golden road,' Shiga, Japan I could drive that road forever

This made me laugh out loud. Well played, poster. Well played.

I'm not only the President of the National Sarcasm Society.I'm also a member.


20 Beautiful Pics To Celebrate Penguin Awareness Day

The Atlantic Road in Norway...built high enough for the waves to crash through.

Friday's Fantastic Finds

The Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway. I MUST go to Norway (eventually) and experience this amazing road … but not during a storm. Norway is a totally fascinating place. (there are several more photos of the Atlantic Ocean Road on this board)



PYGMY OWLS Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl chicks after being banded and weighed as part of a long-term research project. Photo by Paul Bannick

Thank God it's friday :)

Thank God it's friday :)

Thank God