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Guilty Crown: Ouma Shu XD - I hated shu's character. then he finally earned my respect as the first arc came to a close then lost it all again in the second arc nonetheless Guilty Crown was a great anime  is still on my list of top 5 (maybe 3) anime and definitely deserves a watch

The Whatever& on Your Mind Megathread (Update: May 2 - Read the .

Cute anime Shingeki no Kyojin: Mikasa Ackerman by GD_choco

Gelbooru- Image View - abs black hair breasts brown eyes cleavage gd choco mikasa ackerman naked scarf nude scarf shingeki no kyojin short hair simple background solo

<3 Mikasa <3

black eyes blush boots breasts broken broken sword broken weapon brown hair cleavage large breasts looking at viewer lying mikasa ackerman open clothes open shirt parted lips scarf shingeki no kyojin shiny shiny skin shirt solo sword tears thigh gap

As Marco this is offensive

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