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Be Brave Printable

Welcome to Day 12 of our Kids Prints Series! For 16 days straight you will…

I won’t be motivated if I don’t criticize myself. Somewhere, deep down, you and I might actually believe that we need that inner critic to keep us motivated in life; that without it, we too easily stray outside the lines. And it’s also possible that the critic evolved to help keep us safe from harm. But guess what? We don’t need it anymore. Being compassionate with ourselves allows for a much healthier, kinder motivation. As Kristin Neff says, “While the motivational

How to Develop Self-Compassion and Be Nicer to Yourself

It's hard to stay positive and compassionate when someone around you is an energy drain. These ideas may help you deal, and maybe even help.

Suntem straini-ca adevarat mai e :( :(

Mai facem cunostinta o data ?:D:)) ~ Emmi Hell&Back ~

Sunt ameizing :D #romania

Sunt ameizing :D #romania

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If you have the courage

Spuse si nespuse

Spuse si nespuse

Totu sau nimic ca intr-o zi oricum aici lasam luam cu noi doar ce am pus in suflet ...asa ca tot ce faci fa cu tot sufletul...daca vrei la capat de drum sa ramai cu sa nu iti para rau ca nu ai pus tot sufletul in lucrurile de care vrei sa  te bucuri o vesnicie.

pt ca intr-o zi oricum aici lasam totul.

Photo (The Good Vibe)

Positive Mind, Positive Vibes, Positive Life // 3 important P's for positivity