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an ornate archway in the middle of a dining room
Art Nouveau doorway
an intricately designed green glass candle holder on a white wall with two candles in the middle
Armory Show 2014: Getting Better After Lackluster Years Past
a small christmas tree with gold stars on it
Anthropologie - Women's Clothing, Accessories & Home
this is a painting of a living room with pink walls and gold trimmings
a green door with a spider web on it
20 Antique Metal and Wood Exterior Doors Bringing Charm of Unique Vintage Style
an open window with sheer curtains in front of it
Thorns & roses ✿ NamJin✔ - (8)
a chandelier made out of books hanging from the ceiling
One clip-on chandelier with endless style • Offbeat Home & Life
three green glass lamps hanging from a ceiling
a chandelier hanging from the ceiling with icicles on it's glass
kumbh glass on Twitter