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Ana-Maria Negura

Ana-Maria Negura
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Chakras endocrine glands

Understanding the Chakras using science. Each Chakra in the body corresponds to an endocrine gland and each endocrine gland regulates the secretion of hormones, the chemicals responsible for many different emotions and sensations in the body.

Crown Chakra Feng Shui To Clear Your Mind & Boost Your Mood | The Tao of Dana

(omved) I’m presently geeking out a bit at these awesome chakra healing charts because they pull together such a great handful of visual tips and color! There are so many fun options and ideas to create balance and harmony in

Curing an imbalance or ‘catch’ through Sahaja Yoga Meditation –

'Catch' decode chart - How will a Sahaja Yoga practitioner understand which of his chakras have blocks or catches. During meditation, the sahaja yogi feels certain sensations in the body or finger tips - which indicate which of his chakra are blocked and