Kendaama players.

Learn kendama tricks with the Japanese toy Kendama, discovered by The Grommet. It’s made up of a base and ball attached by a sturdy string. The aim is to develop your hand-eye coordination by seizing the ball in four different ways.

Sweets William Penniman Pro Model Kendama

Purple & Blue Lightning Cracked Kendama - Full

This Purple & Blue Cracked Kendama is the angriest-looking of all the Cracked Kendamas, and that’s saying a lot with the Black & Red variation around.

Tribute Half Split - Neon Orange and Black - SILK Matte

Kaizen Kendamas are proudly produced by Kendama USA. Each part of the Kaizen Kendama has been meticulously thought out by the Kendama USA team, making enhanceme

Gift 配件選購 - 專用精緻包裝盒

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Bushido Ronin Kendama, Blue

Featuring a handle, ball and connecting string, perform challenging and exciting tricks with this Bushido Samurai Kendama toy by Brainstorm.

Terra Pill - Bamboo