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The reality is an illusion and the universe is a hologram. Never trust your enemies.
☣✡Devil King✡☣
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SCP Foundation: Neutralised Symbol by Lycan-Therapy


this is a new scp from scp Containment breach. thia scp is called " scp - 096 ". he is a scp that does not like no one looking at his face or he will ca.

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If only the creepypasta stories would be made in to movies, I need this in My life. SCP Movie poster The Foundation

Scp 017

is a child-sized cloud of shadowy smoke. When someone (or something) casts his/her/its shadow upon it, it surrounds them in itself, causing them to disappear within.


FAKE: Pinned as "The chupacabra snail – a deepsea species discovered as recently as and named by Takeshi Yamada after its alleged resemblance to the clawed foot of the mysterious chupacabra" This is another piece of art created by Takeshi Yamada.

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