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the names of different languages in english and spanish with minion faces on them, as well as other words
The Minion Language: A Little French, Spanish, English…and Food!
Letter A A+A=🖤 A+B=💛 A+C=❤️ A+D=🖤 A+E=💛 A+F=🖤 A+G=💛 A+H=💛 A+I=❤️ A+K=🖤 A+L=❤️ A+M=❤️ A+N=💛 A+O=❤️ A+P=🖤 A+Q=🖤 A+R=💛 A+S=💛 A+T=❤️ A+U=🖤 A+V=🖤 A+W=❤️ A+X=❤️ A+Y=🖤 A+Z=💛 Best couple =❤️ Bff=💛 Haters=🖤