THings i would teach my kids when i have them, way in the future ;D

Great lessons to teach your children! - and good things to try and live your life by anyway

Learn the most common worries at each stage of development.

Child Therapist's List of Top Childhood Fears by Age

35 Gifts Your Children Will Never Forget

I really love this read.Your children will never forget these gifts! Non-toy gifts that mean more than any store-bought gift.

10 Things Children will always remember by

10 Things Children Will Always Remember

Listen earnestly to your children. Listen earnestly to your children. Listen earnestly to your children.

First, middle or last born?

First, middle or last born?

This is true. I am a middle born and that is kinda true about me. same for my bro another middle born. and my oldersister first born. the only one that is wrong is my little sister "last born" she isn't like that really.

What are the most important things I can pass on to our son? Here is a FREE printable of those 12 Lessons I Want Him to Learn Before He Turns 12.

FREE Printable: 12 Lessons I Want Our Son to Learn

5 Things You Must Tell Your Kids Before You Die

5 Things You Must Tell Your Kids Before You Die. "Parent or not. Everyone should read this." (To my own children-you are my heart.

peaceful parenting

You Cannot Expect To Raise Children Who Are Self-Controlled And Gentle When You are Not. Faithful Parenting - Jessica McGuire - Part 2 - Parenting Wild Things.

By having a calm conversation, parents are teaching their children self-control.  Expressing anxiety is contagious—and so is calm. Remaining calm sets an example for your children and this skill will have a positive effect on all of their future relationships. Even as an adult, do you like it when someone yells at you? The reality is yelling doesn't make anyone hear you any better. In fact, it’s intimidating, threatening and can cause you to tune them out. #quote

yelling silences your message speak quietly so your children an hear your words instead of just your voice.

Found parents some advice, trust me I'm a psychologist

Found parents some advice, trust me I'm a psychologist

LTake the time to read this infographic on parental advice and see if you can spot areas where you can improve your parenting skills.

Tips for raising well behaved children

Parent Vs Strong Willed Child Tips for raising well behaved children raising children, kids, parenting

The ABC's of Parenting #Stress #Tips For more of Dr Robyn's tips visit

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This is beautiful. I was blessed by God with a child that was already on earth trying to find his way. Then I was blessed to carry a beautiful baby boy. Both in which call me mommy! I am blessed God seen fit to give me 2 boys!

Benefits of Attachment Parenting infographic

Benefits of Attachment Parenting infographic. I called myself a hippie today because in not enforcing a "schedule" on him haha