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two champagne glasses with black bows on them
cute wedding reception details - champagne - wedding photo by top Denver based wedding photographer Hardy Klahold
Cute glasses for the bride and groom
three small sailboats are tied with twine and labeled with the names of each boat -&nbspThis website is for sale! -&nbspcoastalcreatives Resources and Information.
four pieces of blue and white ribbon tied to wooden boards with gold anchors on them
Partecipazioni matrimonio personalizzate | Cinzia Creazioni
some white and blue items are sitting on the ground together, with ribbons around them
Bomboniera tema mare | Francesca Bomboniere
four different pictures with flowers and ribbons on them, along with the names of each item
Nunta cu tema marina
an info poster with people and symbols on it
Invitaciones para boda civil: cómo elegir la tarjeta perfecta!!
Otra variante de invitaciones para boda civil muy original #bodasgeek
an image of a poem written in spanish on pink paper with gold trimmings
Imagini pentru texte haioase invitatii nunta