Antónia Nagy
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Get ready for Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving with this beautiful pumpkin! It is made of deco mesh on a wreath for form and measures and is accented with green mesh ribbon and colorful leaves!

Nutty Boats:  These would be so much fun to make on a warm, fall afternoon.  The preschool children could play with them in a water table placed outside.  There are all kinds of science concepts that could be explored with the children's nutty boats.  Children exploring the cause and effect of their boat on water would be very DAP.

A really cute idea to engage kids on Thanksgiving holiday. A simple walnut shell, leaves, twig, and play dough sail boat. Float them in a bowl, will look cute on window sill or even console table!

Paper Bag Scarecrow

Paper Bag Scarecrow What's fall without a Paper Bag Scarecrow? Easy to make, this is the prefect craft for the fall season!- "Read Scarecrows" By Schaefer and then make your own.


Cole can paint pine ones for Xmas tree ornaments! Scissors and Spice: Scissors Craft: Pinecone Decoration Ideas for Christmas. And how to use up your pine cones and entertain kids at the same time - kids love paint!