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Shower Power: Van Builds with Functional Bathrooms
Hidden Gems In Van Conversions That You'd Never Believe
You'll never believe what @patrick_njoa finds in this @colonialrv_ bathroom... 🤭🚿 . . . Falling in love with this van as much as we are? Save this post for later and refer back to @explorevanx whenever inspiration is needed 💭💭💭💭
a white van parked on top of a stage
Volkswagen Multivan Panamericana, con la moto a todas partes
a silver van is parked in a garage
VW T4 & T5's
a silver van is parked in a garage
VW T5 Roof Spoiler
a silver van parked in front of a house
a white and brown van parked in the snow
T6 - Folieren (--> zweifarbig) - Erfahrung? Kosten? Aufwand?