Monk at Koya-san, Japan

Buddhist monk leaving prayer at Banjo Garan, Koya-san, Japan, by heeeeman of devianart

A nun at Moldovita Monastery, Romania. Petru Rareş, who ruled Moldavia, promoted a new vision for Bucovina churches. He commissioned artists to cover the int. and ext. with elaborate frescoes (portraits of saints and prophets, scenes from the life of Jesus). Seven of them--including the Monastery of Moldovița--were placed on UNESCO World Heritage list in 1993.

is a Romanian Orthodox monastery situated in the commune of Vatra Moldoviței, Suceava County, Moldavia, Romania. The Monastery of Moldovița was built in 1532 by Petru Rareș, who was Stefan the Great's illegitimate son

Beautiful flowers at Agapia Monastery, Romania | Ramona R, Flickr

Beautiful flowers at Agapia Monastery, Romania. The Agapia Monastery is a Romanian Orthodox nunnery located 9 km west of Târgu Neamț. It was built between 1641 and 1643 by Romanian hetman Gavriil Coci, brother of Vasile Lupu. Photo by Ramona R (V)

'The Neamț Monastery (Romanian: Mănăstirea Neamț) is a Romanian Orthodox religious settlement, one of the oldest and most important of its kind in Romania. It was built in 15th century, and it is an example of medieval Moldavian architecture. A jewel of 15th century architecture, the church was built during Ştefan cel Mare's reign and finished in the year when the Moldavian army won the battle against King John Albert (1497).

The Neamț Monastery (Romanian: Mănăstirea Neamț) is a Romanian Orthodox religious settlement

Narayana Upanishad with meaning - Veda mantra chanting at Prashanthi Nilayam, Sathya Sai Baba

A recording of the vedic mantra, "Narayana Upanishad", chanted in the presence of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, in Prashanthi Nilayam, India.

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