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Image via Green eyes makeup tutorials and Ideas. Image via Amazing green eye makeup. Image via Make up for green eyes. Image via Eye Makeup Tutorials - Perfect Wedding Mak

Dark circles have steal the glow from your face and makes you look older. Don't put up with them anymore. Learn here how to remove dark ... #beauty #beautytips #darkcircles

4 Simple Ways To Remove Dark Circles Completely: Tea bags are also considered as a beneficial treatment for dark circles. Place one cold tea bag on each eye and let it rest for a while. Pat it dry and you will see your eyes rejuvenated. - Fashion up Trend

natural botox mask ~ no needles required.  thanks, dr. oz

Natural Botox for Wrinkles Face Mask: Natural Remedy. Botox Natural Remedy Ingredients: - cup yogurt - banana - 1 tsp honey Dr Oz’s Natural Botox & Wrinkles Remedy

DIY Face Masks for Glowing Skin

Mask for Elastic Skin: Mix olive and almond oil, add 1 tbsp of cocoa and 1 tbsp of lemon juice. Apply the mask on a clean skin and leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse it off and feel the smooth touch and elasticity of your skin.: Mask for Elastic Skin: Mi

This anti-aging mask comes from China, with ingredients like Green Tea powder and white tea. To thicken the formula, just increase the amount of powder!

- Dr Oz did a fabulous segment today on Anti-Aging Remedies from around the world. Doctor Oz was joined by Shalini Vadhera, author of Passport to Beauty: Se