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RWBY Weiss and Yang

black hair blake belladonna blonde hair blue eyes bow breasts cape character name cross dress fingerless gloves gauntlets gloves gun hair bow jewelry long hair long sleeves multiple girls necklace ponytail rapier ruby (rwby) rwby scar scythe short h


Yang me representa com minhas amigas hahaha pobre Blake

Blake Belladonna

anime, blake, and rwby image

Marinette Hairstyles

Marinette Hairstyles by piikoarts on DeviantArtthe lines

Touka-chan. - Tokyo Ghoul

tokyo ghoul and kirishima touka image on We Heart It

♡ Miraculous Ladybug ♡ awesome fan art

Miraculous: les aventures de ladybug et chat noir

They both have the same expression when cholé was being.. Well cholé

They both have the same expression when cholé was being. Well chloé aka a bitch


2 things I have never heard of: backgrounds, and shame.

♡ Miraculous Ladybug ♡

ladybug, miraculous ladybug and Chat Noir image on We Heart It

Well played kitty

Well played kitty