Chickens, Garden and The Like

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a metal bucket filled with lots of brown and white grains next to a sign that reads diy homemade livestock feed
Homemade Livestock Feed
the garden is being prepared and ready to be planted
Duck Houses
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a wooden bench sitting next to a metal tub on top of a grass covered field
Duck House Part. 2
a close up of a duck with the words how to raise friendly ducks that like to be held
How to raise friendly ducks!
an image of a quote that is in the middle of a tile floor with flowers on it
two geese standing next to each other on the ground with text overlay reading building a goose shelter
Building a Goose Shelter - Shaye Elliott
Building a Goose Shelter (video!)
how to grow peonies for beautiful flower beds in the suny home gardens
How to Grow Beautiful Peonies Successfully!
three sheep standing next to each other on a road with the words 15 best sheep breeds for homesteaders
15 Best Sheep Breeds for Homesteaders
a baby lamb standing in the grass with other sheep behind it and text overlay that reads, a beginner's guide to sheep
A Beginner’s Guide to Sheep