Our Winter Cabin: Photograph I`ve loved you by Gleb Skrebets on Squirrel enjoying the snow

I have been wanting to know what kind of dog this was for like.. forever!!! Now I know. And now I also know that I am never getting one because my mom would never pay that much money for a dog in her life time :)

Most Expensive Dogs

The Samoyed dog breed is native to Siberia. This pure white dog makes a wonderful pet, watchdog, and companion. Presented to you here are some interesting facts about the Samoyed dog breed.

samoyed in a #blizzard

Samoyed in a blizzard. This dog could easily get lost because of its fluffy white coat!

cat in the snow.

orange tabby in snow Tap the link for an awesome selection cat and kitten products for your feline companion!

White, fluffy, I bet soft & sweet.

American Eskimo (cutest dog ever) - My CoCo is an Eskipoo. Her mom was half poodle and half American Eskimo. She is a tiny black fluff ball. But she has the curled up Eskimo tail.