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Abandoned Doll Store

Discover Ospedale delle Bambole (Doll Hospital) in Rome, Italy: A hospital where antique dolls are given new life.

Misty Cemetery ~ cuz that is where she belongs.  :-)

I& often thought that old cemeteries have a creepy, spooky atmosphere. Beautiful and peaceful places during daylight hours, but on cold winter evenings, when night begins to fall and the mist rolls in.

Skull Nickels: via @Skull_Society

Hobo Nickels were crafted from soft-metal based coins by drifters, wanderers, or inmates with ample time and a simple tool. Etched from the deep reliefs of presidential faces, skulls and cartoon characters became the faces of currency.


photograph from an emilie autumn performance adding a silhouette screen could add a new segment that works with light


Close up skull would be a good tattoo, with something hidden in the eye. city scape, comic book scenario/villain, doctor who reference etc. Thigh/side/leg/upper right arm (ribs maybe? but PAINFUL)