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This is a cat in leg-warmers. Your argument is invalid.

"yarn bombed kitten or flashdance wannabe?" Don't know, but now I need to make legwarmers for all my cats.

GATOS - Verdaderos maestros de las sombras y el camuflaje

Cats, masters of camouflage

Ragdoll is a very intelligent blue eyed kitty breed

Beautifully Unique Cat

Incredible Markings - May 2015

those eyes~

Halloween black cat with green eyes and pink tongue // via VEER

OMG so cute

Me finishing dessert .

Let It Snow

let it snow . let it snow . let it snow!

A solo in a duet. #cat

Kitty kitty yaaaaawn black and white cat

what a beautiful Siamese cat

get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!

Not necessarily a Siamese kitty fan, but this one is a cutie! I am absolutely in love with our Siamese kitty Rex.


Funny pictures about I'll Stop Being Cute When Pigs Fly. Oh, and cool pics about I'll Stop Being Cute When Pigs Fly. Also, I'll Stop Being Cute When Pigs Fly photos.

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Grey cat on red bicycle in white snow against white house

Winter and snow. A rusty bike, leaning against grey-white wooden house, half burried in snow. A lonely kitten sitting on the bike.


I never thought I would think of a weasel as "elegant". Ermine // photo by Amy Gerber, The long-tailed weasel aka ermine is the most widely distributed mustelid in N America.