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some paper cutouts are being used to make handprints for mother's day crafts
28 Simple DIY Paper Craft Ideas - Snappy Pixels
28 Simple DIY Paper Craft Ideas - Snappy Pixels
multiple images of different colored feathers on a white background, each with an arrow in the middle
DIY Beautiful Curly Paper Flowers
DIY Beautiful Curly Paper Flowers. It looks like fun to me but my students would probably find it tedious.
the instructions for how to make an origami swan with paper and scissors are shown
DIY Ballerinas Snowflakes for kids.... I have been making these since i saw them. 4 down... who knows how many more. None for decorating the girls are playing with them as paperdolls.
an egg carton made to look like a yellow bird sitting on top of some grass
Toilet Paper Roll Ladybug Craft
Paper Roll Chick More
colorful paper butterflies on a white card
Bow-Tie Noodle Butterfly Craft for Kids
This is super cute! Make bow-tie noodle butterflies for a kids craft! Perfect for an art project.
paper flowers and plastic spoons are on the same blue surface, with one flower sticking out of it
Spoon Flowers for a Mother's Day Gift
Make some spoon flowers for a Mother's Day gift! It's a cute and easy kids craft! |
two pictures with the words straw weaving on them and an image of someone using yarn to crochet
Straw Weaving Bracelets
Such a clever pre-k or kindergarten fine-motor art project and craft! Straw Weaving -- weaving craft - DIY jewelry for kids - Mother's Day gift idea tutorial