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Espero te sirva y diganmee si quieren que empiece a hacer una sección de juegos de terror 👻
A deep red rose takes up the entire image background. The center of the flower is to the top left, and all of the flower's petals are covered with tiny dewdrops. The text describes the ancient Roman festival of Floralia, which occurs yearly on May 23rd. There is some trivia about its symbolism and ancient practice. Presented by Inked Goddess Creations. Supernatural Creatures List, Pergola Planter, Wiccan Quotes, Pagan Holidays, Witch Board, Pagan Festivals, World Mythology, Secret Crush Quotes, Pagan Gods
May 31st is one of the observances of the ancient Roman festival of Rosalia!
This festival was not only a celebration of life, but also a time to pay homage to the gods and the dead, recognizing the eternal circle of death and rebirth. // #Rosalia #Cycles #Life #Death #Rebirth #Flowers #Festival #Roman #Roses #Magick