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Anghel Andrei

Anghel Andrei
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The Fenris is a practical and versatile main battle tank. While not ideally suited to highly mobile modern warfare, the Fenris and its variants will dom.

Design of a dual action rifle, Laser for explosive high damage long distance shots, and assault rifle for mid-long range. Supposed to be near-future. Had a ton of fun with this one :) Included the initial thumbs if anyone is interested!

Just trying some more concepts with Unity and coat. Once again, I have to thank Jama for the learned squared course, coat is incredible, and I'm having tons of fun with it! I designed the ship based on a Tomcat, but gave it 2 sets of adjustable

The Unmanned Main Battle Tank of ukrainian armed forces in Armed with low heat smooth bore railgun main caliber (), automatic caseless cannon and three machineguns. Runs on two electric engines able t