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You know how we say it: Don't drop that, Dirk-a Dirk, eeeeey, don't drop that Dirk-a Dirk! (Don't mind meeee)

Jillian:Dave no stop Dave the ass is too fine Dave:Jillian there is no thing call "TOO FINE!"^^^^ bruh dad mah name wut.

Vroom vroom vroom XD

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That cop must've had nightmares for weeks. If he was not a homestuck fan.

See this is why I love Homestuck cosplayers. They look so weird to non-Homestucks so they have really funny stories Super Hero shirts, Gadgets & Accessories, Leggings, lovers

I never tought about this... I was like "Yeah, cool names. I bet Hussie just put random letters together and if it sounded right, then that was a name". Well, I was wrong.

Oh god just how deep Hussie went to find the RIGHT name for each character? Because Im feeling like he just picked random letters, put them together and said "oh this is a sweet name" <-- It is Hussie. You do not question to Hussie.