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Ben looks so cool in this one

i know how u feel about fangirls jack "pat on the back"

Slenderman Trolls A Lot Of Idiots

Slender scares sh_t out of kids


That was a reference from legend of Zelda majora's mask it was the happy mask salesmen who said that( I'm not a Zelda fan I'm a game theory fan and they talked about it)

We all are, BEN.

~Getting real tired of your shit Jeff. Ben drowned to Jeff

Oooooh.... you shouldn't have done that Ben

Ben Drowned y Slenderman Creepypastas


(cracks nuckles) ok who made BEN cry and chained him down (looks at everyone in mansion before unchaining him) no one hurts BEN ever

Very scary, ben... Lol.

Jeff just making the same face as Ben pokes his cheek like the adorable chibi he is.

BEN Drowned

Put on pants BEN your not sexy

Five Nights at Freddy's by DoodleDox on DeviantArt<<<so happy that they included the new Halloween animatronics

i love how it goes in the fnaf timeline order!

Fnaf-A Cute Foxy =3-

This is Foxy he was adopted by Hannah five weeks ago. Foxy is adjusting to his new home very well, he is being so spoiled with the activitys he does. He loves to play with his teddy bear and turtle plushies.