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a card with a hedge holding flowers in it's paws and smiling at the camera
Marina Fedotova | Любимые художники нашего детства - Марина Федотова (686 работ)
Marina Fedotova | Любимые художники нашего детства - Марина Федотова (686 фото)
paper flowers are cut out and placed on top of each other, with the text below it
Centro de mesa o adorno original
an artist's palette and paintbrush cartoon characters
crayons stylos - Page 47
crayons de couleurs
an illustration of two children riding on a rocket
vintages gifs - Page 2
there are two children riding on a toy train
Vintage Get Well Card
vintage get well cards | Vintage Get Well Card | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
three children playing with each other in the grass
Auctiva Image Hosting
Artwork from a vintage Saalfield book, "London Bridges falling down."
Lungers Hausen
Самое интересное в блогах
Lungers Hausen
Clearly Vintage: Mother Goose Illustrators, Mother Goose, Vintage Illustration Children
Mother Goose
Clearly Vintage: Mother Goose
children and chickies Dieren, Mabel, Meli Melo
snowglobes | jessica
children and chickies
Mabel Lucie Atwell Humour, Childhood, Gifs, Resim, Ilustrasi, Sanat
Mabel Lucie Atwell
Lucie Lundberg (1908-1983) Fairy Art, Fairy Tales, Art, Fairytale Art, Fairy Land, Fairy Pictures, Vintage Fairies
Yarnigras Swapper Spot
Lucie Lundberg (1908-1983)
an illustration of a woman helping a child to hug her
ימי התום – המאיירת אוה איצקוביץ ו”ספריית עופר” : הפנקס – כתב עת מקוון לתרבות וספרות לילדים
A hug for Mom
cherry blossoms Decoupage, Vintage Ephemera, Vintage Greeting Cards, Old Postcards, Vintage Easter
cherry blossoms