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It takes a lot of effort for Long Distance Relationships to be successful. One of the best ways to keep your LDR interesting is to plan surprises for each other! I have put together a list based off my own experiences, to help you in your journey. Click the image to read - Surprises You Can Plan For Your Partner During Long Distance!

It takes a lot of effort for long distance relationships to be successful. Find out how you can keep things interesting by surprising each other!

One of my absolute favourite things to talk about is the power we all have to shape our lives, due to a funky lil energy law called the Law of Attraction.

bad things happen to people because we are here to learn and grow, and growth is painful. Manifesting is understanding we have the power to create our lives while also understanding there are some things that are completely out of our control.

9 Self-Improvement Books That Changed My Life

9 self-help books that have transformed my life in areas such as meaning, stress, money, uncertainty, and more!

Möhren-Lauch-Geschnetzeltes |

Möhren-Lauch-Geschnetzeltes |