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André Năstase

André Năstase
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"Think of him obstacle to be taken out." Naih said, clipping carefully at the roses before her. She was focused, but not so much she didn't see to slap Margot's hand from the glass of wine she'd reached for. Margot sighed.  "We're talking about murder, can't I at least drink?"

Hale Appleman- just looked him up on IMDB.COM and he's only 3 years younger so I don't have to feel like a cougar for thinking he's hot

Mint , green, blue , purple, pink , and red hair! #pravanavivids, #pravana succulents.  By - Asheton Silvers

Gorgeous inspiration hair color inspired hair design and style based on the Southwest's beautiful succulent plants by Asheton Silvers hotonbeauty pastel green hair color melt

You+messed+with+the+wrong+kitties.  ♥+Set+comes+with+two,+3x3inch+patches+featuring+two+ferocious+felines! ♥+Iron+on+-+Super+easy+to+apply,+but+some+sewing+is+recommended+if+you'll+be+washing+the+item+a+lot.+ ♥+Made+for+any+type+of+apparel-+jackets,+vests,+even+t-shirts,+the+customization+is+...

You+messed+with+the+wrong+kitties. ♥+Iron+on+-+Super+easy+to+apply,+but+some+sewing+is+recommended+if+you'll+be+washing+the+item+a+lot.+ ♥+Made+for+any+type+of+apparel-+jackets,+vests,+even+t-shirts,+the+customization+is+.