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Andrija Banjanin
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I need this.

Funny pictures about Batman Motel in Taiwan. Oh, and cool pics about Batman Motel in Taiwan. Also, Batman Motel in Taiwan photos.

Best reason ever, Joker.

Funny pictures about Motives of Batman Villains. Oh, and cool pics about Motives of Batman Villains. Also, Motives of Batman Villains.

Clark grow up already..

Batman - When the Batwing's In the Shop. Probably one of those few times it kind of sucks to be Batman. no superpowers. NEE: Clark: I CAN S batman Superman aladdin justice

Wolf from Payday 2.

A member of the OG 4 from Sweden. Bain has to keep on reminding him to stay of the dance floor. He's a party animal just like me!

This is much more interesting.

Video game companies personified to hilarious (and accurate) effect.

The joker.

The Joker in The Dark Knight (Film "Why so serious?" This week, Todd, Joe, and special guest Henry Darowski talk about The Joker in the 2008 film The Dark Knight.

Very inspiration, so Batman.                            -Doge

Actually, this is why "Because I'm Batman" is an acceptable abbreviated answer. ← Batman will forever be my favourite superhero. I LOVE Marvel but Batman is above all the Marvel vs DC