Marmore Falls - Video - Foto Gallery | Universe Stars

The Marmore Falls was built by the Romans to eliminate a damp area about which they believed that sickens people with malaria, Marmore

Door to Hell - Turkmenistan

Death can be a scary thing to talk about, but finding the actual door to the underworld might be an even scarier feat!

Winter vacation - Europe winter destinations | Universe Stars

Winter vacation - one of the most expected vacations of the year. Winter in Europe comes in many forms - from the serious frost in the north

Welcome November - the first month of winter

Welcome November, the month of hoarfrost. "The heavenly vault of November is cold and dark, and the leaf of November is rusty and dry

Top 10 exotic islands to visit at least once in life

Agios Nikolaos Town in the Eastern of the Island Crete, The Largest of the Greek Islands

Travel Turkey Image

Turkey travel, the country located on two continents.Turkey with its capital in Ankara, is a country stretched across two continent