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Andreea Chirciu

Andreea Chirciu
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A modern version of the look is seen in this Florida bedroom. Keeping the ceiling, barn door, and bathroom vanity the same material creates flow and serenity, while the rustic wood itself is a cool feature.

Style and Create — Soft light & lovely pastels in a Gothenburg...

A delightful, light and airy studio apartment with high ceilings, tall windows, mirror doors and Art Nouveau inspired stucco. This beauty is located in a 1903 Heirloom building with a plastered street facade, adorned with patterns & masonry details.

C’mon get happy with a bright floral themed print!

Word Art I just thought this was a really cute font that could work well for a section header or side graphic type thing.

"Told you so, sincerely, your intuition." When I instantly dislike someone and tell myself to be open minded and give them a chance . . .  this is usually what happens.

When I lost my memory I had to rely on this. After learning to meditate it came easy.I don't remember a lot but thanks to my intuition i recall some.feelings mostly.

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House Rules wall decal sticker sign vinyl chalkboard style - This is adorable and exactly what I needed in my previous apartments, and will definitely be in future places :)