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A beautiful family of orca whales swim together. What Would Captive Orcas Tell…


The Dwarf Minke whale is the smallest baleen whale, identified by about throat grooves. The largest Dwarf Minke whale that was accurately measured was m feet) long with adults weighing.

photography by Christopher via Aquaviews online scuba magazine

The unethical capture of wild killer whales so that they can be held in captivity could be banned off the coast of Washington State, where more than half of the killer whales currently in captivity came from. Demand that the ban be passed into law.


This orca, named Granny, is the proof that orca whales or any other animal should not stay at sea world. This 103 year old orca can be compared to any other orca at sea world with the life span of about years. And sea world says that's normal!