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1932 Fiat Mefistofele: “It started off as a 1908 Fiat Ernest Eldridge transformed it into a high speed record,” according to the Fiat website. It had six cylinders, 320 horsepower and a top speed of 235 km/h.

The Bentley Barnato Roadster was designed to evoke the spirit of the original racing Bentley’s, the cars that had superchargers bolted onto the front and went belting around Brooklands setting new speed records and winning races whilst being derisively du

On my bucket list. I've seen Morgan Three Wheelers, but have never ridden in one. Truthfully, I would prefer to drive it, but being a passenger would be fun also.

Talk Morgan uploaded this image to 'Morgan 3 Wheeler'. See the album on Photobucket.

HFS and Ruth Morgan rounding the bend in a major trial, back in 1913

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An eighteenth-century Russian icon portraying the Christian Holy Trinity: God, the Father; God, the Son; and the Holy Spirit above Christ's halo.

icon of young Christ - St. Isaac of Syria Skete, via Online Chapel — Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America