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Lip gloss is easy and fun to make. Organic Aloe Gel and Coconut Oil form the base.  From there add essential oils and coloring to customize your favorite flavors~  1 part Aloe Gel  1 part Coconut Oil~ Variations: Customize with a few drops of Citrus or Mint essential oils. You can also add fresh fruit juice for color.  Ingredients: Aloe Gel * Coconut Oil *  Mix the base of equal parts of Aloe Gel and Coconut Oil.  Use tablespoon or teaspoon measures, & dont make too much at a time.

Organic lip gloss made with organic aloe and coconut oil as the base, then add essential oils. 1 part Aloe Gel 1 part Coconut Oil You can also add fresh fruit juice for color.

Ginger Lime Homemade Salt Scrub Recipe

This freshly scented ginger lime homemade salt scrub recipe is easy to make yet provides exceptional exfoliating and moisturizing benefits to skin. This ginger lime scented homemade salt scrub recipe.


Natural Shea Butter Sunscreen - DIY in the crockpot - 1 C pure Shea Butter C Coconut Oil 4 ounces Beeswax (less if you want thinner lotion, but this if for water resistance) C Olive Oil 2 t or more Liquid Vitamin E 3 T Zinc Oxide Powder