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an outdoor sculpture made out of bamboo sticks in the middle of a field with trees on both sides
A Majestic Cathedral Made Of Living, Breathing Trees
some very big rocks in the woods with moss growing on them
Art and Nature; the Human and the Divine
The Greenhouse 2009 by François Fréchet
three hanging planters in the kitchen with plants growing out of them and lights on
Iron Globe Pendant Light Fixture Industrial 1-Light Dining Room Ceiling Hang Light with Plant Decor in Orange/Green
a basket made out of dried grass sitting on top of a table
Carrie Nordlund, Untitled Seed Series
two people sitting at a wooden table in front of a large flower arrangement hanging from the ceiling
Bouquets to Art 2009 – Wilsey Court
Waterlily Pond Studio
two sculptures made out of sticks and flowers on top of a checkerboard floor
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